Weekly Competition

The main objectives of this competition are to encourage our users to post and share best deals among other members and appreciate their efforts of finding them. We run a weekly competition and award prizes for the ‘Best Deal of the Week’. Here are details for the competition:


Runs from Monday 8:00 PM till same time next Monday

Results & Standings: 

To make it transparent and fair, result is decided by site moderators at the end of the week and displayed in the results table on this page.


  • Best Deal of the Week - $100


The prize will be given based on all aspects of the deal such as originality, the number of up-votes, how useful it was to community members and number of comments.

How can I participate?

  • Register an account on TopBargains (if you don't have an account).
  • Start sharing bargains and participate in the community as much as possible.

What are the general guidelines?

  • Unique deals may be submitted in a timely fashion. Better deals will automatically get better points. If you add poorly researched or irrelevant deals, you could be losing points.
  • Follow the General Thread Posting Rules.

Other points to remember

  • Don't copy deals from other sites - use your own description as much as possible.