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#1 Wed, 04/08/2021 - 11:13

Udemy - Free Course "How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels)" (code)

Course "How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels)" for free.

This course is not going to teach you another set of situational phrases you find in most courses. It teaches you “what’s missing” there: how to communicate at a deeper level, pushing levers that are normally out of reach for foreigners and whose effect is to allow Japanese interlocutors to feel at ease with you.

You will get glimpses into an elusive dimension that language courses cannot show you: evoking this deeper cultural level will be key in persuading your counterparts to trust you and give you the chance to become even an indispensable colleague or partner to them. All this with simple “connecting” phrases that anyone, whatever their language proficiency, can use every day, both in face-to-face interactions and in written correspondence.

Save $89.99.

The offer is valid for a limited time only.

source: freebies global

Coupon Code: 3442341318A187CAF05B How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels) Expiry: 05/08/21

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