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Vodafone is Australia’s third largest mobile telecommunication company behind Telstra and Optus. Vodafone reached almost seven million subscribers in 2009 after it merged with Three Mobile.  As a major player in the Australian telecommunication industry, Vodafone currently has over $4 billion in annual revenue and it claims to have acquired 27% share of the telecom market in Australia. Vodafone also owns Crazy John’s, which is a discount mobile phone retailer and was acquired by Vodafone as part of their 2009 merger with Three Mobile.  

Vodafone offers a range of mobile phone and data plans on its own network, and the Vodafone network has recently been upgraded to 4G technology. Vodafone’s post-paid plans start from $30 a month, offering better value over similar plans from other two leading players i.e. Telstra or Optus. Vodafone occasionally launches special offers for next customers such as double data or first two months free on a fixed term plan.

Here is a list of all plans offered by Vodafone.

Prepaid Plans

To get started with Vodafone pre-paid, you can either get a $1 starter SIM pack and later recharge it using one of the plans or just get a starter pack which will cost you between $30 and $50 depending upon the plan you chose. Note that all recharge packs are $10 more expensive than starter packs hence you will save $9 if you get a starter pack instead of buying the $1 SIM pack.

Prepaid Combo ($30, $40, $50 starter packs, recharge $10 extra per plan)
  • $30 Prepaid Combo - This is the latest plan from Vodafone which gets you 3GB of data (see current promotions), $30 call credit and unlimited standard national calls and texts. All unused credit expires after 28 days and to keep this plan on an ongoing basis, you will need to recharge it with $40 recharge pack every 28 days.
  • $40 Prepaid Combo - Same as above but you get 4GB data, 90 minutes of international calls and $40 combo credit.
  • $50 Prepaid Combo – Same as $40 plan but you get 6GB data and $50 combo credit.
Prepaid Pay As You Go ($30, $50 starter packs, recharge options included $20, $30 and $50)

Note these are not the best prepaid plans as they just include free calls on Vodafone network and you need to use your credit towards other calls, texts and data.

  • $30 Pay As You Go - $30 in credit
  • $50 Pay As You Go - $50 in credit
365 Day Prepaid Plans ($30, $40, $50)

These plans only make sense if you are a very light user or need to a phone to just receive calls. For $30 to $50, you can keep a phone number for 365 days without having to recharge it on a monthly basis.

  • $30 365 Day Plan - $30 in credit plus 150 minutes of calls on Vodafone network
  • $40 365 Day Plan - $40 in credit plus 250 minutes of calls on Vodafone network
  • $50 365 Day Plan - $50 in credit plus 350 minutes of calls on Vodafone network 

Post Paid Plans 

Vodafone Post Paid plans include either SIM only plans (BYO phone) or the Red Plans where you have the option to get a phone from Vodafone as part of your phone contract. 

Vodafone Red Plans (Include free phone)

Note that Vodafone offers these plans across multiple devices that include iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 4G, Huawei G8, Nexus 6P, Sony Xperia Z5, HTC One X9, iPhone 5s, Galaxy S6 and many more.

Red Plans range from $40 to $130 per month and you need to pay device rental in addition to the plan fee. However, most devices are subsdized to some extent on larger plans.

SIM Only Plans

SIM Only plans on the other hand range from $25 per month but prices vary greatly depending upon your contract length (from no contract to 24 months contract).

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Vodafone Twitter Link : VodafoneAU
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