What is TopBargains?

This is the most common question that we receive from new merchants. In simple words, TopBargains is a user forum where users can share deals/coupons and/or leave comments on existing submissons. TopBargains is not a product directory nor a comparison site and should be taken as a discussion forum or internet community. TopBargains can also be classified as a digital coupon distribution plateform.

What Content is allowed on TopBargains?

Price Drops, Discount Vouchers, Coupon Codes, Promotional Offers, Freebies & Sample Offers, Special Sales, Time specific Deals, Bundle Offers, Competitions and other meaningful offers where it is obvious that consumer will benefit from the offer. 

How can my business benefit from TopBargains?

We get thousands of visitors everyday who are looking for great deals and bargains. Most of them are serious buyers and more than 73% users report visiting a deals site to look for a coupon just before hitting the purchase button. Our regular users generally fall in the category of 'influencers' and getting social approval of these highly engaged shoppers will increase the chances of your campaigns going viral.

How can I add deals/coupons on TopBargains?

As of November 2015, We now allow submission of deals or forums posts only from representatives, agents or associates of verified businesses.To become verified, all businesses must apply for a business account and add no more than 1 deal/coupon each week.
Existing reps will be able to post comments or add replies to general forum discussions but they must also re-apply for a business account. 
All new or existing reps will need to apply for business accounts.
Any representatives, agents, agency partners or associates found to be engaged in illegal activities such as sockpuppetry will be permanently banned from the forums.

Make sure that you read site FAQs and comply with site rules. If you want to advertise on TopBargains, please request a Media Kit here.

How can I advertise on your website?

There are very limited opportunities to advertise on TopBargains as we prioritize good user experience as much as possible. At this stage, only way to advertise on TopBargains is through website targeting through Google Ads Display Network.

You can display your ads in multiple sizes on our Deal and Store pages. We reserve the right to block any advertisers if we feel that their ads are not providing a good user experience.