A brief review of last year's catalogue

Kmart Toy Sale TitleLast year’s catalogue was called ‘Endless Days of Play’ and was released a week before the actual sale started. Kmart divided the products into age-groups which made it fairly easy for parents to browse through toys specific to the age of their children. Like every year, focus of the catalogue was ‘cheaper prices’ from Kmart and they offered a huge range of wooden toys for the first time and their featured item was a wooden dollhouse for $39 which seemed to be a good value. Compared to previous years, they included a lot of $2, and $5 toys in 2013 and this trend is expected to continue this year.  


Please check back later when sales begin.

Exclusive Toys

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In 2013, Kmart started the sale from 20th June and announced that all items included in the catalogue will be on sale until the Christmas. There’s no news on 2014 dates yet.

Important Points

  • Last year, Kmart put an end to the online laybys and instead extended the sale all the way to the Christmas eve. In the previous years, shoppers were able to create an online list of their favorite toys for the Christmas and take the list to a store to reserve their toy selections for Christmas for a 10% deposit. The whole idea was that you could ‘lay by’ the toys at a cheaper price and pay at a later date. It will be interesting to see if Kmart allows laybys this year.
  • There have been various discussions on forums in the last couple of year regarding the quality of products in these massive sales and there are mixed reviews on Kmart quality.


  • Are all sale products available online as well?
    In general, online shops for department stores have more variety as they have access to central warehouses but in the case of Kmart, online shop only sells a selection of complete variety.
  • How much does it cost in shipping if I buy toys online?
    Kmart charges shipping per order ($10 fixed cost) for standard orders. However, you might have to pay more if you are going to buy bulky items such as jumping castles etc.
  • How long deliveries take for online orders?
    According to Kmart, it might take up to 14 working days for them to deliver items from sale events. You should consider going to a store if your kids don’t like to wait that long.
  • Where can I see a printable copy of catalogue?
    In most cases, you will start receiving toy sale catalogues in your mailbox from 10th June onwards and you can also request a copy from your local store once the sale has started.
  • What are store opening hours during the sale?
    Kmart stores are generally open a bit longer than other stores. During special events, Kmart store hours are extended and this may be the case this year as well.

Other Catalogues

Be sure to check catalogues from other similar retailers such as BIG W, Kmart, Target and Toys R Us.

Kmart Toy Sale Catalogue 2014 Online. View best Toy Deals from this year's Kmart Toy Sale. 

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