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#1 Mon, 27/10/2014 - 08:53

Free eBook Downloading sites

Have been exploring eBooks and was wondering if anyone knows any websites I can download free ones from. Some websites like Amazon etc have these on offer now and again, that is great but the issue is having to wait to see if any of my choice will be available.

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Mon, 27/10/2014 - 11:09

I have never seen Amazon dropping price on a book which people actually want to read so waiting strategy is not going to work if you are after a particular title.

I would highly recommend Calibre for finding a managing ebook collections. They also have a big collection of DRM free ebooks that you can download for free. http://drmfree.calibre-ebook.com/

Another useful resource is Project Gutenberg. They have a collection of over 46,000 free ebooks in different languages.

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Wed, 29/10/2014 - 12:00

There are also a number of sites that provide or list free books - as we have some kindles, it's nice to be able to get them straight from Amazon as you are relatively assured that the format will be fine. Found this site the other day - http://www.freebooksifter.com/ - that looks promising. Don't forget a lot of other sites that sell eBooks usually have some freebies (eg http://store.kobobooks.com/Collectio... and https://books.jbhifi.com.au/Browse?b...) but as KB notes you may need to use something like calibre to convert to a suitable format. A handy thing with Calibre is the ability to download content off the web - eg newspapers etc - and transfer that to your device. Whilst on a holiday a while back I had a pc at home downloading the news and emailing that to the kindle so, when I got onto wifi, I had the news on the kindle.... pretty cool....

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