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#1 Fri, 06/11/2015 - 11:27

Emirates - World Airfares Sale - Fly to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America & More (Return) from $336

While browsing through Virgin's International Flight section I found lots of excellent flight fares to international destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and more. Travel period is from 12 November 2015 to 28th August 2016. Highlights are:

Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur: Dep: Tue 23/Feb/16 -Ret: Tue 15/Mar/16; $793

Adelaide to London: Dep: Thu 12/Nov/15 - Ret: Thu 19/Nov/15 -$1,568

Brisbane to Auckland: Dep: Sun 22/May/16 - Ret: Tue 31/May/16; $336

Brisbane to Bangkok: Dep: Sun 21/Aug/16 - Ret: Sun 28/Aug/16; $857

Brisbane to Koh Samui: Dep: Sun 14/Feb/16 - Ret: Thu 25/Feb/16; $1,007

Brisbane to Warsaw: Dep: Tue 01/Dec/15 - Ret: Thu 31/Mar/16 - $2,051

Brisbane to Wellington: Dep: Sat 30/Jan/16 - Ret: Mon 08/Feb/16 - $414

Brisbane to Queenstown: Dep: Thu 30/Jun/16- Ret: Wed 06/Jul/16 - $731

Canberra to Delhi: Dep: Sun 07/Feb/16 - Ret: Fri 11/Mar/16; $1,115

Darwin to London: Dep: Tue 19/Apr/16 - Ret: Fri 19/Aug/16; $2,131

Melbourne to Johannesburg - Dep: Thu 19/Nov/15 - Ret: Sat 05/Dec/15; $1,617

Melbourne to Karachi: Dep: Mon 16/Nov/15 - Ret: Tue 02/Feb/16; $1,506

Melbourne to Manchester;Dep: Sun 31/Jan/16 - Ret: Sat 13/Feb/16; $1,737

Melbourne to Mauritius; Dep: Thu 04/Feb/16 - Ret: Thu 11/Feb/16; $1,718

Perth to Durban: Dep: Fri 18/Dec/15 - Ret: Sat 09/Jan/16; $3,234

Perth to Queenstown - Dep: Fri 11/Mar/16 - Ret: Sun 20/Mar/16; $1,658

Sydney to Colombo: Dep: Sat 30/Jan/16 - Ret: Sun 14/Feb/16; $1,143

Sydney to Sao Paulo: Dep: Fri 18/Dec/15 - Ret: Wed 20/Jan/16; $3,497

Sydney to Johannesburg -Dep: Tue 26/Jan/16 - Ret: Sun 31/Jan/16; $1,701

Sydney to Lahore - Dep: Sun 07/Feb/16 -Ret: Mon 07/Mar/16; $1,114

Booking is available for limited time only.

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