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Deal Posting & Voting - FAQs, Tips, Rules, Etiquettes

Post Genuine Deals – Not every sale or discount is a good deal and just because a sale is promising 40-50% off does not make it a ‘great bargain’.
Some of the signs of a great ‘bargains’ are:

  • You cannot find a better price elsewhere.
  • You fear that store might run out of stock if you did not act quickly. Example: Stocktake clearances, catalogue specials.
  • You were willing to be buy it at full price if discount was not offered. Examples: Supermarket specials, fuel vouchers, discount of your phone bill etc.

Posting a Thread – All deal posts belong in the Deals section. This includes coupons and freebies that are not completely free. By default, all new threads are posted on the top of the list. Freebies and Competitions need to be posted in their own sections. Every thread must include a specific sale or discount on offer. Generic deal discussions and periodic threads are not permitted in any of the Deals sections.

Information in Thread – Try to provide as much as information as you can find on the deal. You should include a link to the deal site (if available) in the post body. Avoid copy/pasting from other sites without a source. Try to follow common forum etiquettes.

After you have posted

  • Respond to any questions from other users commenting on your post. You are the thread owner and should make an effort to answer any questions.
  • Once a deal or offer has expired, try to report the status in the comments. (Note – Deal expiry date is not a required field anymore.)

General Thread Posting Rules

  • No Advertising/Self Promotion/Spam
  • No Double posting or Duplicates - please search before you post.
  • No affiliate links or tracking codes. Referral codes are permitted from long standing users (occasional use only). If someone is posting in the forum for the sole purpose of using referral codes, this behaviour will be seen as self promotion.
  • Link directly to the source. Don't link to directories, coupon sites, cashback site or any other sites if a direct link is available on the internet. Linking to catalogue hosting sites is only permitted in cases when catalogues are not available on store's own website.
  • No shortened links such as bit.ly etc.
  • No gambling, tobacco, adult products or any other products or services that might be illegal or not suitable for a general audience. This is not a conclusive list and moderators might use their own judgement to add more sites/products to the exclusion list.
  • No reposting - if a deal has changed, do not 'repost it' and use the original thread instead.
  • Combine multiple deals from same store in one post. Do not create more threads for the sake of adding more deals. For example, if a store has a product on special discount price in addition to a coupon, try to list both in same thread.

Voting On Deals - Every time you read a post, please take a second to vote it up or down as you see appropriate. If you benefit from TopBargains community, this is your chance to contribute to the community.

When you should 'vote up' a deal

  • You really think it's a great bargain and you could see yourself buying the product/service.
  • You think this post might help people save money.

When you should 'vote down' a deal

  • When it's clearly not a 'bargain'.
  • You chose not to 'vote up' for some reason. If you don't feel like voting up a post, you should consider voting it down.

General Voting Guidelines

  • Don't base your decision entirely on 'how well or poorly a deal was written'.
  • Rating is for deals, not for people who post them. By voting down a deal, you are not offending anyone. For those posting deals, don't feel bad if you

(Rest to follow - Work in Progress)

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