Apple iPhone 4S available from 14 October (Vodafone)

Apple iPhone 4S will be available from Vodafone from 14 October, 2011. ( Full Review The new Apple iPhone 4S is built on the fourth generation technology. It is packed with features which are going to revolutionise the way you communicate with the world. Suave design, robust body and intuitive technologies make this phone class apart from the rest.

What's the best time to shop for Christmas this year?

Self-proclaimed bargain hunting guru and TopBargains moderator dsharp was asked the question last night that what's the best time to shop for Christmas present this year as prices are expected to fall even further with more overseas retailers opening their doors to Australia and concerns around consumers withholding their spending. What do you think will be the best time for Christmas shopping this year?

Welcoming TopBargains Moderators

For a long time, I have been the only moderator on TopBargains but as the site is getting busier, more resources are needed to keep the momentum going. Like most community sites, TopBargains receives a lot of spam (3 spam submissions for each valid submission) hence all deals are checked before they are allowed to be published on TopBargains. Last month, I emailed a few of regular TopBargains users asking if they were interested in becoming moderators and selected three users based on their experience on the site.

Server issues with SingleHop

Many of you wrote to us yesterday telling us that TopBargains was down for a few hours. We host with SingleHop, a US based dedicated server hosting company. The reason for choosing to host outside Australia is mainly cost. SingleHop met our expectations until last few weeks. In last week alone, our server had two unexpected downtimes. Last night, TopBargains was offline for 5 hours initially (luckily, mostly through the night) which caused a lot of concern to many of our users.