Bargain prices to continue as Australian Retail slumps further

If you have been tracking top deals on TopBargains lately, you would know that 2011 was the year of bargains. In 5 years since 2007 when TopBargains started operations, we have never seen such huge drops in prices across all categories. Australian prices fell to the extent that sometimes it didn't make any sense buying stuff even from overseas websites at least for computers & technology products.

Coupons in Australia - Future for CPG Coupon Distribution

Inmaar has just released 2011 coupon usage figures for US Economy and despite overall Economic slow down, online coupon distribution and redemption continues to grow in the US. More than 3.5 billions coupons were redeemed in 2011 which was 6% higher than last year. Coupon redemption has grown by 34.6% since 2006 - all through the years of worst recession US has seen in a long time.

$199 for Amazon Kindle Fire - Coming in November 2011

Amazon is all set to sell Kindle Fire from 15th November 2011. It is an e-book reader which is packed with multiple features to redefine the concept of entertainment in today's mobile world. Right from web browsing to watching movies, playing games, reading books and downloading apps – Kindle Fire lets you do all. It is a compact entertainment unit which is made so light that you can lift it with your fingers and carry it all day long for your daily dose of fun.