iPad 2 Launched starting from $499

Apple has launched iPad 2 in the US. Introductory price starts from $499. Apple will start taking online orders from March 11.

Apple claims that iPad 2 has incredible technology and extremely comfortable for hands. It is 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter. This is a lot easier to use for surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books.

Middle East Crisis and Oil Prices in Australia

We are living in a true global world in which problem at one place has an affect on other places. In Middle East the crisis started in early January, but world is mainly affected by Libya the first oil-producing nation going for a revolution. Libya has large oil reserves and according to a report published on DailyMail, it has 2.3% of share in world crude oil output. 79% of the Libya's crude oil is supplied to Europe. Within a week since crisis started, price of crude oil is now touching $100 per barrel in international market.

Are Australian Retail Prices getting lower with more online buying?

I have been living in Sydney for more than 5 years. Initially, when I moved here, I found everything to be very expensive. If I wanted to buy a simple T-shirt, it would cost me at least $35, and it was not even branded. Not to forget that we are talking about a simple shirt from Kmart, which used to fade after 2 or 3 washes. It was very different from the US, where you went to places like Marshalls or T J Maxx and could buy top quality branded shirt in the similar price range. Recently, I have noticed a shift in Australian retailers’ strategy.

Why should you choose Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance is growing and has been a very popular in these days. It has started gaining more and more attention from consumers and specially holiday consumers, who are traveling to a foreign country and does not know much about a new place. Travel Insurance industry is based on the same principles as other insurances i.e. targeting risk averse consumers, who do not want to take a chance.

There are many online websites, which offer travel insurance including Travel Insurance Direct, iTrek, 1Cover etc. Some of them also offer 5 to 10% discount coupon if you buy online.