Which Android Based Smartphones would you buy?

Nexus S has been launched in Australia. Currently its only available from <a href="">Vodafone</a>. Analysis shows that HTC Desire HD and Nexus S are the two top rated Android based smartphones. But they both are positioned for the top end of the market. However, if consumers do not want to spend too much and at the same time want to enjoy Android based smartphones, there are four options including Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and LG Optimus.

Nikon COOLPIX L, COOLPIX S, COOLPIX P and DSLR D7000 Series Price Comparison

Nikon has recently announced a new COOLPIX series. Price Range starts from $99 (COOLPIX L23) and goes to $1,725 (DSLR D7000). COOLPIX is available in three series namely L, S and P. Within each series there are different models. I have summarised the information in the following table, which contains model, specifications and RRP mentioned on Nikon site.

Trio Touch Micro System Review

For over 60 years the Grundig brand is linked with innovation, quality, performance and style. The latest product Grundig Trio continues this tradition.

Grundig has launched Trio Touch Micro System. Company claims that Trio encompasses style with technology to make listening a wonderful experience to its consumers. Trio has 3.5” touch-screen with icon-driven user interface. Screen displays station logos, news headlines, and much more to its users.

Panasonic SDR-H101 and the SDR-S71 Camcorders – 5 Reasons to Buy

Panasonic has recently announced two new camcorders SDR-H101 and SDR-S71. Both cameras offer 33mm wide-angle and 70x to 78x optical zoom.

Both models record to SDXC, SDHC or SD Memory Cards, while the SDR-H101 also records data onto 80GB hard disk drive.

In Australia SDR-H101 is available in $491 (DigiDirect) and SDR-S71 is available in $349 (Gerry Gibbs). - Review

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