Bargains on 3D Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG TVs

3D technology is the newest revolution in the television world. Gone are the days when 3D movie had to be watched in 3D cinema theaters only. Modern technology has now empowered us with the capabilities to watch 3D movies in the comfort of our homes. Not only this we can also watch any 2D movie in the 3D format with the right kind of accessories. But often we get deterred by expensive price tags and heavy interest rates advertised by different retailers and hence shy away from buying what we want.

Bargains on Fitness Equipments to get Fit for Summer 2011

The enthusiasm for summer season is dawning upon Australians with winter season almost receding. The soaring mercury levels and the breezy evenings of the summer are great times to flaunt your shapely bodies and enviable figures. Do not get worried if haven't achieved that perfect fitness and figure to boast about. Just buy your favourite fitness equipment and gear and get set go. Several fitness stores across the country have bargains which will help you pick your machine at much reduced prices. Some of the hot favourites are:

Apple New MacBook Air 2011 - From $1099

Apple fans again have something exciting to look forward. The new MacBook Air is refreshingly thin and light weight and is packed with some brilliant features. Its design is based on the flash storage concept which makes it elegant looking and quiet adding a suave element to it. It has integrated multi-touch facility which allows you to interact with more than one application at a time. The touch pad thus lacks any button and is touch sensitive in-toto.