Top Five Deals Of The Week – Week Ending 7 March

Friday and the much awaited weekend is here, as far as bargain hunting is concerned it has been yet another rewarding week. Dick Smith is offering the usual 10% off on Apple, better than no discount but leaves much more to be desired for. Anyway now let’s have a look at this week’s standout deals.

Unraveling Factory Outlets Across Australia

When it comes to shopping discounts are always welcome. Though the usual 10% or 20% discounts don’t excite me that much. I do agree these are better than paying full price but the bargainer in me wants more. When life allows I head towards factory outlets to take advantage of the much desired 70% to 90% off bargains. Thought I would share my favorite factory outlets with fellow TopBargainers so here is a quick rundown.

Top Five Deals Of The Week - Week Ending 28 Feb

As much as I love bargains not all of them give me the same satisfaction. Some I absolutely love and can’t have enough of while others are merely able to catch attention of the shopaholic in me. And the worst ones, to simply put it are the ones I can live without. I am not gonna dwell on those ones, they are best forgotten anyway. - Freebies & Perks for the Social Influencers

Businesses spend a lot of money on a regular basis in handing out free samples and product trials to turn perspective customers into returning customers. How many of the perspective customers turn into returning customers greatly depends on the quality of the product and whether those perspective customers were identified correctly. If you are giving a free sample to someone who will not be able to afford the product on full price, it is very unlikely that they will buy the product after using the sample.