What happens after you hit the 'Submit' button on your online order?

From the comfort of your home you go to an online store, add items to your cart, enter payment details and then hit the 'Submit' button. Have you ever wondered what happens between you hitting the button and your purchases arriving in a brown box a few days later?

Apparently, there's a lot that goes on and it's a lot more than what most people would ever imagine. Radio Lab is a US based public radio show and in their recent episode, they have tried to go behind the scenes and bring an amazing perspective on massive warehouse and shipping operations behind large online stores such as Amazon.com. In Australia, we may not have operations as big as 20 football fields but fulfilment centres are starting to grow quickly and retailers like Wayfair, Catch of the Day and a few other now mostly rely on these outsourced operations to fulfil online orders.

I wonder if any of Aussie retailers would be willing to share details on their Australian online retail fulfilment operations with TopBargains users to give them a sense of the complexity and sophistications of these operations.

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The answer of following question is
What happens after you hit the 'Submit' button on your online order?

You place an order with Amazon :)