Update on TopBargains Weekly Competition

TopBargains Weekly Competition is soon going to change for better.

I am back from a long break and really happy to see TopBargains growing well. We are now into 4th month of TopBargains weekly competition. If you don't know much about the competition, don't worry as I am going to explain the background in detail.

Back in October, we came up with a weekly competition idea to reward users who spend their time in finding and sharing deals with other users. We were not sure how our users will react to this idea but we still went ahead and while it was intended to thank the loyal users, it did discourage some regular users who didn't like attaching a monetary incentive to something they enjoyed anyways.

For first three months, we accepted Sponsorships from Merchants and competition was sponsored by Shareon, Travel Insurance Direct and iKoala. We had no plans to continue the competition in the new year so we politely refused sponsorship offers beyond December.

Despite our initial plans, we continued to run the competition but since January it has been funded by TopBargains without any sponsorships. We will announce a new policy on Sponsorships very soon. In terms of future, TopBargains will continue to run this competition at-least for next few months. However, there are going to be a few changes which will be announced very soon (next week). Most of these changes are based on recommendations from TopBargains active users like BEATIT and merissadavid amongst others.

The new terms will discourage adding deals for the sake of adding content to win a prize. It is not just going to be how many deals someone adds but quality of the deals will be important as well. - There will be more emphasis on deal content like taking care of small things such as adding a picture, writing a well researched title/description and making sure all information is complete (such as expiry dates, tags, coupons, price etc.).

TopBargains is a user friendly community and we go to any lengths to make sure that we keep the culture positive even to the extent that users are given various opportunities to correct any anti-community behaviour. Any negative practices such as sockpuppeting, personal attacks or pointless discussions will not be tolerated and will disqualify users from competition immediately.

For the last time, it is okay to add deals which might have appeared on other sites first but if a large part of your deals have appeared somewhere else first, this may mean that you are not finding genuine deals on your own. Copying/pasting deal descriptions from other sites is NOT allowed and your deal will be deleted. I understand many of TopBargains deals are replicated word to word on other sites but we don't encourage such practices on TopBargains regardless of what other sites are doing.

I have noticed some users adding multiple deals from one site to increase their deal count. Try to combine deals as much as possible and DO NOT post more than one deal per on-line store per day. I will update the competition page with new terms and changes by next Wednesday. From next week, competition will now run from Friday to Friday so this week's competition will now automatically extend to Friday (4 extra days this week). While I finalize the new competition structure, it will be great to hear about any ideas that you may have. Please add your comments below and it will only help TopBargains to become a better community.

Have a great weekend.