Online Coupons - Evolution from Coupon Clipping to Coupon Printing

Here are some current findings from research papers on "Coupon Clipping", which might interest some readers.

A few years ago, online coupons were more of a novelty than convenience. Most coupon clipping individuals used to wait for the weekly direct-mail to get the coupon for savings on basic items such as pizzas, food or restaurants, grocery etc. There were consumers, who first used to order the coupon online and then wait for them in their mail.

Technology has made easier to access coupons online. There are many coupons related websites in Australia. Some of the sites are community based in which people share latest coupons or bargains. Consumers can go online and print the coupon themselves. The best thing about online coupons is that consumers can go online and print. People can also print multiple coupons for things like pizza and it’s also convenient because you can't loose online coupons like paper coupons.

In year 2010, the online coupon redemption was 3.1% as compared to 1.1% before. Although, online usage is growing fast, but the base is relatively small, therefore the complete shift to online-only-coupons will be slow. Hence, manufacturers and retailers are still using printed coupons and inserting them in newspapers.

Another study shows that 78% retailers’ shoppers use newspaper or printed coupons. Out of total, 25% of coupons presented at retail outlets were by consumers aged 65 years old. On the other hand, the young market segments are the most receptive to online coupons. Study also shows that given the chance, 51% of 18-24 year old shoppers would be likely to use online coupons.

Please share your thoughts on this relatively rapid evolution of online coupon industry.

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