Coles Catalogue for week ending on 3rd April 2012

Coles weekly catalogue has some exciting deals this week, starting from 28th March and ending on 3rd April 2012. Some of the highlights of this catalogue are:

Drinks & Beverages

  • Save $1.98 on Cottee’s Cordial 1L and get 2 for $7
  • Save $1.09 on Golden Circle Juice 2L or Drink 6x250ml and get it for $2.50 each
  • Save $1.49 on Nescafe Gold Freeze Dried coffee 200g and get it for $12.50 each
  • Save $2.60 on Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink varieties 15x375ml and get it for $10 each
  • Save $2.74 on Monster Energy drink 4x500ml and buy it for $6 each

Snacks & Condiments

  • Save $1.29 on Waterthins Cheese twist 110g for $2.70 each
  • Save $1.15 on Kan-Tong Stir fry sauces 560g-600g
  • Save 60 cents on Arnott’s Shapes 160-190g and buy it for $2 each
  • Save 59 cents on Oreo Cookies 210g-300g and get it for $2.40 each
  • Save $1.90 on Thins Potato Chips 175g or CC’s corn chips 200g and get 2 for $4


  • Save $1.78 when you buy 2 of any combination Mighty Soft Crumpets 6 pack, Wonder white crumpets 6 pack, Mighty soft muffins 6 pack or Mighty soft pikelets 8 pack for just $4
  • Save $1 on Coles bakery Sponge roll 400g and just pay $2 for it
  • Save $1.99 when you buy Helga’s Sandwich Thins 8 pack 340g for just $3 each
  • Save $1.49 Coles Croissants 3 packs or 4 packs for $2.50 per pack

Happy Easter

  • Get Cadbury Eggs Cartons 175g-250g for $8 each
  • Buy Cadbury Milk Hollow Egg 50g for just $3.50 each
  • Coles Brand 1 metre Bunny for $20
  • Save $2.34 when you buy 2 Cadbury Roses 150g for $9 only
  • Coles brand solid Easter eggs for 250g for $5 only

Frozen & Deli

  • Save $1.40 on McCain Healthy choice chips 1kg and just $3 for it
  • Save $1.49 on Streets Magnum ice cream 3 pack, 4 pack or 6 pack 226-560ml and get it for $6.50 each
  • Save $1.69 on Chicken nibbles and buy it for $5.80 per kg
  • Save $7 per kg on Coles Brand Australian Lamb Loin Chops and get a kg for $18
  • Save $3 on small salad tubs and get 3 for $9 only
  • Save $4.99 per kg on South Cape Edam Ball and get a kg for $15 only


  • Get 20% off on bottled wines when you buy 4 or more bottles
  • Get any 6 pack of beer for $10 each when you buy any carton of beer
  • Save $10 on Jim Beam White and Cola Cans 24x375 ml and get it for $72 plus a bonus Jim Beam Black can
  • Save $5 on Bundaberg UP Rum & Cola or Johnnie Walker Red & Cola Cans 10x375ml and get any 2 pack of 10 for $65
  • Get 1 bottle for $17, 2 for $30 and 4 for $54.4 when you buy from range of Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Taylors Estate Clare Valley Shiraz or Yarra Burn Premium Curvee Brut NV

Apart from these there are many more offers in food, poultry, meat, cleaning, bath and other sections. So hurry up and make the best of this catalogue before 3rd April 2012.


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