Coles Catalogue for week ending on 27th March 2012

Coles weekly catalogue has some exciting deals this week, starting from 21st March and ending on 27th March 2012. Some of the highlights of this catalogues are:

Drinks & Beverages

  • Save $1.20 on Dilmah Premium Tea Cup TeaBags 100 pack and get it for $3.30 each
  • Save $1.88 on Coca Cola Soft Drink Varieties 1.5L and get 3 for $7
  • Save $1.60 on Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes Soft Drink Varieties 2L and get 2 for $4
  • Save 39 cents when you buy a 1.25L bottle of Schweppes Traditional Soft Drink Mineral Water or Mixer Varieties and just pay $1.50 for each
  • Save $3.19 on International Roast Coffee 500g and get it for $12.60
  • Save $1.12 on Just Juice 3L and get it for $3.50 each

Snacks & Condiments

  • Save $1.19 on Kettle Potato Chips 185g or Kettle Multigrain chips 175g and buy it for just $2.50 each
  • Save $1.75 on Bertolli Five Brothers Pasta Sauce 500g and buy it for $1.70
  • Save $1.70 on Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff Taco Shells 10 pack 140g and buy it for $1.69
  • Save 98 cents on Smith’s Potato Chips 175g or Doritos Corn Chips 175g and buy it for $2 each


  • Save $1.50 on Coles Bakery Cheese and Bacon Rolls 4 pack and buy it for $2.50 pack
  • Save $1 on Coles bakery cookies 6 pack and just pay $2.50 pack
  • Save $3.66 when you buy 2 packs of Helga’s Bread 680g-850g for just $6
  • Save 98 cents on Coles Brand White Round Rolls 6 pack and get 2 for just $5
  • Save $2 on 2 packs of Coles bakery Fruit Hot Cross Buns 6 pack-9 pack and just pay $6 for it

Happy Easter

  • Save $3.32 on Lucky Almond meal 200g and get it for $2.97 each
  • Get Lindt Gold Bunny 100g for $5.50 each
  • Get Cadbury Easter Eggs bags 125g-135g for $4.50 each
  • Save $1.18 on Sunbeam Sultanas or Mixed Dried fruit 375g and get it for $2 each
  • Buy Cadbury Daily Milk Hollow Egg 50g for just $3.50 each
  • Save 34 cents on White Wings Flour 1kg and just pay $2.65 for it

Frozen & Deli

  • Save $7 per kg on Coles Brand Australian Lamb Racks or Cutlets and get a kg for $28
  • Save 90 cents on Coles Brand British Style Bacon 400g and buy it for $5 each
  • Save $2.50 on Black Swan Dips 200g and just pay $5 for 2
  • Save $3.99 per kg on Fresh Tasmanian Ocean Trout Portions Skin on and buy it for $27 for a kg
  • Save $1.99 on Nestle Connoisseur Ice Cream 1L and buy it for $7 each
  • Save $7.96 on McCain Red Box Plated Meals 320g and get 4 for $20
  • Save $3.25 on Emilia Pizza 400g and enjoy half price sale on it by paying just $3.24 for each


  • Get 30% off on bottled wines when you buy 6 or more bottles
  • Save $6 on Glenfeddich 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700 ml and just pay $55 for each bottle
  • Save $5 on Jim Beam White and Cola Cans 6x375 ml and get it for $20
  • Save $4 on Bundaberg UP Rum & Cola or Johnnie Walker Red & Cola Cans 10x375ml and get a pack of 10 for $33 each
  • Save $10 on Carlton Draught Stubbies & Cans 24x375 ml or Tooheys Extra Dry Bottle 24x345 ml and mix and match to get any 2 for $75
  • Apart from these there are many more offers in food, poultry, meat, cleaning, bath and other sections. So hurry up and make the best of this catalogue before 27th March 2012.