1DealaDay.com.au - Review

In Australia Zazz.com.au is one of the pioneers in offering one deal a day. They took the first movers advantage and established a new segment in the online industry. This concept has been very popular, and to-date many sites are offering great products and services such as Catchoftheday.com.au, Spreets.com.au, Jump On It, 1DealaDay.com.au etc. Out of the above mentioned stores, 1DealaDay has targeted a niche in this market segment. Site mainly offers bargains related to inks and batteries. DealaDay presents 1 deal each midnight for a period of 24 hours at a competitive price. Their bargains have been very popular among topbargains users. On behalf of topbargains community, I thank you 1DealaDay for sharing great bargains with us. And we look forward to have more exciting offers from 1DealaDay.