$199 for Amazon Kindle Fire - Coming in November 2011

Amazon is all set to sell Kindle Fire from 15th November 2011. It is an e-book reader which is packed with multiple features to redefine the concept of entertainment in today's mobile world. Right from web browsing to watching movies, playing games, reading books and downloading apps – Kindle Fire lets you do all. It is a compact entertainment unit which is made so light that you can lift it with your fingers and carry it all day long for your daily dose of fun.

It has 7" display screen and weighs a mere 413 grams. It provides great clarity and amazing screen resolution to make each picture and each frame appear worth viewing. It boasts of 1024x600 pixels and 16 million colours to accord unique experience for your eyes. It has a strong battery life which can last up to 8 hours when used only for reading and 7.5 hours when used for video playbacks provided that the wireless is switched off. Battery life would depend upon how you use this device. It has 8GB of internal storage capacity and also a USB port for connecting to USB devices. Apart from this you also get free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. Kindle Fire takes around 4 hours to completely charge up its batteries which can also be done by connecting it your computer through USB cable.

It supports wide range of formats in audio files and document files. You can browse internet through its Wi-Fi connectivity. It is capable of syncing your libraries, bookmarks, notes and other stuff across your device and give you a seamless experience when it comes to entertainment. You can also watch videos on Kindle Fire and then continue the rest of it on your TV set without any disconnect. It has a rich database of 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books to suit your mood in each season. Apart from this you can also browse the Amazon app store and download the apps of your liking. If you are an Amazon Prime member then you can also enjoy additional 10,000 movies and TV shows by direct streaming from the app store.

Amazon would be selling this fantastic product from 15th November 2011 based on orders placed with it. Priced at $199.0 this e-reader is an excellent package of fun, entertainment and knowledge at your finger tip. First come first served policy would be followed by Amazon so tighten your belts and make immediate booking of Kindle Fire. You can use it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones with the Christmas season approaching fast. Make the best of this opportunity and kindle some fire in your entertainment world. Click here to gather more information on this product.