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#1 Sat, 17/03/2012 - 16:01

Ben & Jerrys - FREE cone day 3 April 2012 - NSW, VIC & QLD!

April, 3, 2012, it is the Free Cone day!

Free Cone Day was launched as much to thank their community as to congratulate their staff, and, it goes without saying — to have an outrageously good time. Free Cone Day was an instant success then, and it’s an even greater Ben & Jerry’s tradition now.

More than 30 years on, Ben & Jerry’s celebrates Free Cone Day across the globe from Hong Kong to Helsinki, Mexico to Malta — serving up well over a million scoops of peace, love & ice cream each year.

Now Free Cone Day is about to return Down Udder so make sure you ice cream lovers hoof it on over to one of our scoop shop locations* to get a lick of the action… 18 legen-dairy flavours await you!

See you there for as many scoops as you can shake a didgeridoo at!

The Ben & Jerry’s Aussie Herd

*Scoop Shop Locations

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Tue, 27/03/2012 - 21:33
Awesome, nothing like free icecream

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