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#1 Wed, 28/08/2013 - 17:07

Up To 75% Off G-Star RAW Mens Casual Shoes @ TopBuy!

G-Star is known as a denim brand, but did you know that they're also offering shoes? You're in for a treat at TopBuy now, as G-Star RAW Mens Casual Shoes are being sold at bargain prices.

Check out the online store now for G-Star shoe selections:

  • G-Star Raw Mens Strike Logo White Red: 62% off
  • G-Star Raw Mens Limber Plex Earth: Pay only $59.95 instead of $159
  • G-Star Raw Mens Hiperon Mesh Dark Grey: 75% discount!

Hurry now, as this promotion runs until 30 August 2013 only!

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