Woolworths Weekly Specials, starts 6/2/2013!

Woolworths Weekly Specials, starts 6/2/2013!

Huge Discounts - check out the 1/2 price deals!

Milo Cereal 800g $3.84ea Save Up to $4.15
Uncle Toby's Roll Ups - pk of 6 $1.99 Save $2
Surfbreak Asstd Cream Cookies 500g 5pk Special Buy $2ea
Coca Cola Varieties 1.25 lt Any 4 for $7 Save $3.36
1ea on the ff: Greenseas Tuna, Fantastic Noodle Cups, Country Cup Soup and more
Nescafe Menu Pk 8-10 $4 Save $2.30

and a lot more of fantastic discounted items!

Edited by Mod: Please note that catalogue prices and availability may differ based on your location. Please check retailer website for full details.

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by katie.kate on 05 February 2013 - 15:24

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