Virgin Australia Happy Hour Sale (4pm-8pm)

Virgin Australia's happy hour sale (previously called Virgin Blue Happy Hour Sale) has been an ongoing feature on their website for quite sometime now. It is still a very special offer and many people, including myself, log in to Virgin Australia's site to see the special offers between 4 to 8pm every Thursday.

To see the latest Virgin Australia's happy hour flight fares, click on below link:

Virgin Happy Hour fares are available between 4pm to 8pm on every Thursday on Virgin Australia's website.

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by KB on 03 March 2011 - 1:57

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Comment by spiderman 3 years ago
This promotion has been for a very long time, but its always good to know that a good bargain is still available.
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Comment by TJmax 3 years ago
Thats why they say, Old is Gold
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