Price Reduction on Foot Pump at BIG W - Was $9.97 now $5

$9.97 $5.00

Looking around for a decently priced multipurpose foot pump came across this price reduction on the Rough It RI-Foot Pump. Priced at $5 only this is a good bargain and it also comes with a one year warranty. Though it is an online only offer and there would be extra cost for delivery but there is also the option of free click and collect.
Here are the details:

The Rough It RI-Foot Pump is used to quickly inflate and deflate air mattresses, inflatable boats and toys. It has an extra long hose with a nozzle to fit most valves. It features rust-proof, impact resistant plastic with vinyl coated nylon bellows for durability and strength.



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by sisi on 16 February 2014 - 22:01

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