Weekly Competition Results - Two Weeks Ended 27th January, 2014

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Here are the results from our new weekly competition tracker for the two weeks that ended on 13th Jan 2014.

Week Ended 20th January, 2014

  • Comments/Forum Replies - $75 ninhursag
  • Participation in Forums- $75 ninhursag
  • Most useful deals - $100 riman

Week Ended 27th January, 2014

  • Comments/Forum Replies - $75 newuseragain
  • Participation in Forums- $75 ninhursag
  • Most useful deals - $100 deejay

For the second week, we also have one $25 prizes for a new user. We will try to keep this as a regular feature.

lisss - $25

Congratulations and please send me your Paypal/Bank details for prizes.


Site Moderator - Contact me via Twitter https://twitter.com/topbargain.

And apologies for delay in processing the prize payments. They will be sent out in 1-2 days.

Congrats guys.

and welcome to lisss! ;-)