[NSW] $2 Cheesy Bites, $2 Drink and other deals - Until 12th Dec

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There are new coupons from Dominos and they are offering New Cheesy Crust - Only $1.95
8 piece Cheesy Bites $2 - coupon code 05283
8 piece Cinni Bites $2 - coupon code 14992
375ml drink $2 - coupon code 64807
Traditional Large Pizza Pick up $6.95 - coupon code 52238
Traditional Large Pizza Delivered $12.95 - coupon code 57772

Terms and Conditions
1.50 surcharge applies for each additional topping, creme fraiche sauce, half 'n' half pizzas. $1.95 surcharge applies for Cheesy Crust. $2.95 surcharge applies for "Low Carb", "The Edge", "Square Puff", "Gluten Free" Pizzas. No half 'n' half or substitute toppings allowed on the Value Range Pizzas. Premium Range Pizzas $2.95 more than Traditional Range Pizzas. Chef's Inspirations Range $4.95 more than Traditional Range. Minimum delivery order $20. Drivers only carry $20 in change.

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by gola on 03 December 2012

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